company profile

Shanghai Jingkun technology, founded in 2014, is the creator of big pixel city business cards.It has created Internet City cards for more than 70 cities around the world, with more than 1.2 billion global visits.Jingkun has millions of fans all over the world.
Shanghai Jingkun technology is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has partners in France to provide global customers with large pixel products and services.It includes pre consultation, planning, city shooting, city card making, interactive function development, global access acceleration, global media publicity and other whole process services.

corporate vision

we firmly believe that this simple and ever expanding urban experience is the best way to travel on the Internet.Netizens found surprise in the exploration and impressed deeply in the interaction.Now more and more large pixel city works created by us are used by media, governments and brands to help them show and introduce their cities and establish global influence.Through this way of urban exploration, people of different languages and ages all over the world can easily and interestingly understand the core characteristics of cities.
We are proud of our ability to promote mutual understanding and distance between the world,.

important event

  • created China's first big pixel city card "24.9 billion pixels of Shanghai Bund" in 2014, and won 40 million visits in that year

  • in 2015, we cooperated with Shanghai municipal government to create a business card of Shanghai -- "1950 billion pixel super panorama of Shanghai", and exhibited the image of Shanghai during the Expo in Milan, Italy

  • in 2015, we cooperated with Huawei to create the Internet city card of "ten billion pixels to see Shenzhen", and created a 100 meter City photo printing record

  • cooperated with Bentley automobile (China) to create the business card of the world's highest altitude and large pixel city - large pixel Lhasa in 2016

  • in 2016, he created a big pixel city card for Nanjing, China, and held an online conference in New York

  • providing super commemorative photos for Shanghai marathon fans in 2017

  • participated in the British Liverpool Business Festival in 2018 to display the city image of Shanghai, which was highly praised by Prince William

  • reported by "France 24 hours", "New York Times", "seeker" and other media in December 2018

  • During the visit to China in three years, China's president Xi Jinping visited the European three countries.In China, the Central Propaganda Department and Jing Kun technology held a special exhibition of "100 billion pixels in China" in Italy, which was an important cultural exhibition, showing China's appearance.2019

  • join vivatech in Paris, France as a Chinese innovation enterprise in 2019

  • launch the big pixel app in 2020 to build a global city display platform




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  • 青岛市委宣传部

  • 重庆市委宣传部

  • 深圳市旅游局

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