is it a satellite photo?

it's not a satellite photo, it's a city card we've created in high buildings or with drones.

what camera was taken?

there is no camera in the world that can take pictures of 100 billion pixels.We took thousands of photos with the SLR camera, and controlled the error of less than 0.1 degree between the photos, so that we could complete the 360 degree shooting of the whole city one by one.And then merge these thousands of photos, restore and beautify the details of this great city.The whole process requires a high-performance computer to complete.

can I shoot video?

it is OK in theory, but even if such a complex video can be shot, it needs supercomputers to process such videos, and the results also need high-performance computers to display.So we have a similar solution - large pixel video can achieve similar results very close.

can I shoot outside China?

big pixel city business card serves the world and is published worldwide.Please contact us by email for details

can you briefly introduce the mode of creative process

1.Confirm the creative needs of the city; 2.Confirm the creative perspective and interactive function; 3.Start to shoot the city under high-quality weather; 4.Synthesize, repair and beautify thousands of photos; 5.Add interactive functions; 6.Configure global network cloud resources (Global high-speed access); 7.Global media promotion

can I shoot only on the building?

the big pixel city card can be shot on the top floor of a high-rise building or on a UAV.It is important to determine the shooting scheme according to the local conditions and the ideal urban perspective

difference from Google maps?

Google maps is a map tool for life navigation and a set of precise geographic information system.The big pixel city card is a window to enlarge the image of the city and display the core characteristics of the city.

how much is the creation cost?

each city has its own characteristics.The creation cost will be determined according to the difficulty, function and use of city business card shooting.For details, please contact us by email

Get complete city works

We are constantly updating the global city, welcome to the big pixel world

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